During scheduled rail closures and prolonged construction works, the need to maintain morale and productivity is paramount. Our service will prevent the workforce having to leave site and our speed of service will ensure their downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Our 24 hour service boosts productivity enabling projects to stay on schedule and within budget. The experience we have gained working with Network Rail, Story Rail and Carillion will enable us to tailor our catering provision to your needs.

Having already provided a 24 hour service for companies such as Story Rail and Network Rail we can ensure the workforce can have refreshments available day and night.

Emergency Response Catering

When emergencies occur, the need for quick solutions is vital. We have the ability to set up our catering service quickly and efficiently, providing swift food cover in difficult situations.

We have provided catering cover for Security Companies, County Councils and large Construction Companies for both long and short-term projects.

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